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Highly reliable FPGA design

Image:State Prediction Engine

Customers demand high reliability for the FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) installed on products required for mission-critical usage and for authentication of functional safety specifications.
Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering uses its technical expertise and experience, which have been accumulated over many years, to resolve problems related to FPGA.

For Production Facilities

Image:For Production Facilities

Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering is developing storage related production facilities such as hard disk drive.
To utilize experience, know-how, and technologies accumulated during development of those products, we are expanding into various fields.

Fiber-optic Cable Transmission Component

HyLink (Fiber-optic Cable Transmission Component)

We provide high quality fiber-optic cable transmission components produced using the latest technologies.

Factory automation equipment, office automation equipment, arcade game machines, robots used for manufacturing, LANs, home networks

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