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Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

A digital multiplexer and transmission unit that can meet a wide variety of needs for digital broadcasting

The UM series meets a wide variety of needs for digital broadcasting. In addition, we provide flexible support for integration of a digital broadcasting system that uses the UM series as its core.
We provide a digital multiplexer (including a transmission unit) optimized to customers' needs for system integration such as following:

  • Digital broadcasting system for CATV operators,
  • DTV signal transfer system between TV/CATV stations
  • DTV signal transfer to fringe areas where television reception is poor

UM Series

We can also integrate other systems combining devices such as a PSI/SI generator (a device for generating program information) or a scrambler (an encryption device), and can propose equipments for testing or verification. Requests for customize the UM series products are welcome.

Product Lineup

UM6000/UM6300: MPEG-2 TS over IP Gateway support infomation

Transmission Device of Digital TV signals using IP Networks

UM6200: Single TS multiplexer

The UM6200 can reconfigure multiple channels into one TS, so equipment connected to this device can be utilized effectively.

UM7000: TS over IP Transmission Device with a QAM modulator support information

Receiving a maximum of 16 TSs, changing channels, and QAM modulation are all integrated in one device. The UM7000 contributes to reduced equipment costs and improved reliability by applying redundant configurations.

UM7000C (ASI / RF): Video Signal Switching Device

A high-reliability video transmission system by IP network redundant. The case of a line failure, automated switch-over would be achieved.