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Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

State Prediction Engine

Image:State Prediction Engine

Predict failure & danger in advance.
Improve quality and productivity, Contribute to business expansion as a security and safety initiative.

Flow-based Object Tracking Solution

Image:Flow-based Object Tracking Solution

Digitize the trajectory information by measuring the flow lines of people and objects using a safe and highly accurate laser radar system. Realize spatial information measurement for analyzing and utilizing positional information.

UM Series (Digital Broadcast Multiplexer)

Image:UM series

The UM series meets a wide variety of needs for digital broadcasting. In addition, we provide flexible support for integration of a digital broadcasting system that uses the UM series as its core.

For Production Facilities

Image:For Production Facilities

Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering is developing storage related production facilities such as hard disk drive and optical disc. To utilize experience, know-how, and technologies accumulated during development of those products, expands the field such as Semiconductor Laser Annealing Tool, Liquid-Cooling System for various applications.

Document Scanners

Image:Document Scanners

In addition to the traditional OCR function to digitalize documents, such as the various reports and application forms required in offices and many other workspaces, we are supplying document scanners in order to respond to such as integrated document management by image data or high-speed scanning of a large volume of documents.

Fiber-optic Cable Transmission Component

HyLink (Fiber-optic Cable Transmission Component)

We provide high quality fiber-optic cable transmission components produced using the latest technologies.

Factory automation equipment, office automation equipment, arcade game machines, robots used for manufacturing, LANs, home networks

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