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Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

We have developed Liquid-Cooling System for high performance electric devices in collaboration with Hitachi, Ltd.

Basic Configuration of Liquid-Cooling system


High Cooling Capacity & High Heat-Transportation
Cooling capacity of Liquid-Cooling System is higher than Air-Cooling System, because the thermal conductivity of coolant is higher than air.
Liquid-Cooling System can exhaust heat to outside of the component.
Quiet Operation & Energy Saving
Quiet operation and Energy saving are possible due to low fan speed or fanless.
Less Maintenance
Liquid-Cooling System can do long term operation without frequent maintenance (Coolant replenishment).
Effect for customer's application
Achievement for high potential of device. (Reliability, Performance and Lifetime)

Examples of application

  • Information devices (PC, Server, Disk array, and Network device etc.)
  • Consumer products (AV device etc.)
  • Industrial products (Laser products, High-power motor etc.)
Provided Equipment
Liquid-Cooling System Whole system of Liquid-Cooling System
Cold Plate Cold Plate for various devices
Thermal Analysis Solution Simulation for component design with high heat device