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Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

High Accuracy Lapping Technology (Force Control Technology)

Image:High Accuracy Lapping (Load control)

Nanometer accuracy lapping technologies based on positioning technology, resistance measuring technology, force control technology and tool control software.
High accuracy lapping is possible by using the Air Bearing Actuator with high accuracy force control.

Laser Application Technology

Image:Anneal Technology with semi-conductor laser

Semiconductor Laser Application Technology based on the development experience of optical disc manufacturing machines over many years.

Image Processing Technology

Image:Image Processing Technology

Technology of identifying shape and color of target items by image processing. By using this technology, foreign objects in liquid can be identified.

Micro Parts Handling Technology

Image:Handling Technology for precise Components

Technology of pick and place handling with high-speed positioning detection and correction, and parts sorting.
(e.g. Pass/Fail, product rank etc.)

Cooling Technology

Image:Cooling Technology

This system can provide high performance cooling capability.

Equipment Applying Interface Technology

Image:Interface Application Technology

We have experience, technique and Know-how using Fiber channel, SCSI and other interfaces, based on developing the testers (Continuous running test, function test for RAID systems).

Magnetic Application Technology

Image:Technology for Magnetic Application

Technology for characteristic analysis of HDD Magnetic Head.

  • Stress test of Temperature, Load force and ESD
  • DVH, FMR and Noise measurement

High Precision Jig Manufacturing Technology

Image:Development Technology for Precise Tools

We can offer jigs for Processing, Assembling and Inspection based on precise processing technology.
For your request, we provide you with quick delivery from design to manufacturing.