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HDD Magnetic Head Lapping Machine

A Magnetic Head is mounted in HDD to read and write data from disk.
The Magnetic Head is flying on the disk very closely (several nanometer). High accuracy flatness and surface roughness are required for Lapping Machine.
Moreover, it is necessary to process the height of Reader and Writer element with high accuracy.
This machine makes the High Accuracy Lapping possible, so height of Reader and Writer elements can be lapped in nanometers.


  • Processing Row Bar or Slider (cut from wafer) is possible.
  • High Accuracy Lapping is possible by using the Air Bearing Actuator with High Force Accuracy.
    (High Accuracy for Reader and Writer element, ABS flatness and element roughness.)
  • High Accuracy Lapping is achieved by reflecting resistance measurement value to force control during lapping.
HDD - Hard Disk Drive
ABS - Air Bearing Surface

Features of HDD Magnetic Head Lapping Machine