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Initializer can crystallize optical disc such as Rewritable BD, DVD and CD.


  • High speed initializing by High-Power Semiconductor Laser
  • Applicable for wide variety of discs e.g. Multi Layer Disc, Coverless Disc etc.
  • Possible to select CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) and CLV (Constant Linear Velocity)


What is Initializing

Laser Beam is irradiated from inner side to outside of the disc. Recording Layer can be crystallized from the amorphous status at high speed for initialization of the disc.

Initialize Process
Initialize Process

Model POP120-8S POP120-8B
Applicable Disc BD-RE
Function Initializer BCA Writer
Multi Layer Disc (Availability) Available Available
Pickup Laser Type (Wavelength) 4W (810 +/-10nm) 600mW (405 +/-5nm)
Spot Size (um) Long Axis Approx. 192, 150, 96, 75um Approx. 18um
Short Axis Approx. 1um Approx. 0.5um
Laser Power (Input) 150 - 4000mW 50 - 600mW
Disc Rotation CLV 3 - 18m/s -
CAV 300 - 8200rpm 300 - 4500rpm
Remoter Control I/F Handler Interface
Power Consumption 400VA
Dimensions (W x D x H) 265 x 480 x 600mm
Weight Approx. 32kg