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Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

Liquid-Cooling System

Examples of application

  • Information devices (PC, Server, Storage, HDD etc.)
  • Consumer products (AV device etc.)
  • Industrial products (Laser products etc.)

Overview of Liquid-Cooling System

Overview of Liquid-Cooling System

Cold Plate
(Liquid-Cooling Plate (Jacket))

We can provide Cold Plate.

Overview of Cold Plate

Photo: Cold Plate1

Photo: Cold Plate2

Main Specification of Standard Items

Main Specification of Standard Items
*Thermal Resistance Recommended
Flow Rate
Pressure Resistant Operating
Temperature Range
3015 300 x 150 Under
4L/min - 7L/min Max: 0.15MPa 5 – 50degC
Non Condensation
Approx. 1.6kg
3020 300 x 200 Under 0.03degC/W Approx. 2.1kg
3030 300 x 300 Approx. 3.0kg
3820 380 x 200 Approx. 2.6kg
3825 380 x 250 Approx. 3.2kg
  • * Specification is based on our company measuring method.
    Since a thermal-resistance value changes with contact intervals of Cold Plate and heat source, please use a thermal sheet etc.

Image: Size of Cold Plate

Thermal Analysis Solution

Thermal Analysis Solution of Electronic Device

We can propose the solution (Optimal part mounting, countermeasure against heat dissipation, structure and of a cooling system) by using following simulation.

  • Thermal Fluid Analysis Simulation of air in the box and coolant in the Liquid-Cooling System
  • Thermal Analysis Simulation of each device

Analysis Sample (Electronic Device)

Image: Analysis Sample (Electronic Device) Thermal Fluid Analysis Simulation and Thermal Analysis Simulation