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Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.


Tool for measuring various electrical characteristics of Magnetic Head (Slider or Row Bar or HGA) automatically.

Automatic QST: Overview
Automatic QST: Overview


Used for evaluation of advanced development items of Magnetic Head and R&D analysis.


Automatic handling (pick and place) unit for Slider (or Row Bar or HGA) & Measurement Module


Since each Measurement Modules is installed onto the tool by Add-on system, you can select the Measurement Module. Also, it is possible to add the newly-developed Measurement Module easily.

Installed Modules

Modules for Measurement:

DVH Module
Measure the Resistance Value Change of MR Element in Low Magnetic Field
(Magnetic Field: +/-2kOe)
Hi-Field Module
Measure the Resistance Value Change of MR Element in High Magnetic Field
(Magnetic Field: +/-15kOe)
FMR Module
Measure the Ferro Magnetic Resonance Characteristics of MR Element
(Measurement Band: 0.1 - 20GHz)
Noise Measurement Module
Measure the Noise Characteristic of MR Element by the Time Domain
(Measurement Band: 10Hz - 100MHz)

Modules for Stress Application:

ESD Module
Apply Voltage Pulse to MR element for ESD Damage Simulation
(Pulse Frequency: 500MHz, Amplitude: 2V)
GTR Module
Apply Load Force Stress to MR Element
(Maximum Applied Load: 1kgf)
Temperature Applied Module
Apply Temperature Stress to Slider
(Temperature Applied Range: 0 – 150degC)

Pick and Place Unit and Slider Transport for each Module